Year 11 Information

Timeline for 2016-17

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Year 11 Revision Arrangements - Summer 2017

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See the Letter to Parents for further details.

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GCSE Key Maths Exams dates 2017:

Paper 1 (non-calculator) - 25 May 2017 (9.00am)

Paper 2 (calculator) - 8 June 2017 (9.00am)

Paper 3 (calculator) - 13 June 2017 (9.00am)

GCSE Spanish Exams - Important Dates - Spring Term 2017

Monday 6 February 2017 - Spanish Writing GCSE (15% of final mark)

Tuesday 28 February 2017 - Spanish Speaking GCSE (15% of final mark)

Monday 20 March 2017 - Spanish Writing GCSE (15% of final mark)

Thursday 30 March 2017 - Spanish Speaking GCSE (15% of final mark)

The reading and listening exams are both on 19 May 2017.


Revision Resources for Year 11 Mock Exams - Autumn Term 2016

The titles below are links to student resources.  Click on the titles to view or download the PDF documents or to link to the FROG login page (as indicated) to access previous years' exam papers:


Curriculum Subjects:


Computer Science revision and independent study materials can be accessed both via Frog and via Pupil Resources. Students also have access to materials on Dynamic Learning.

Revision materials include:

  • Revision booklets and self-test materials – paper versions will also be provided
  • Exam practice questions and papers groups by topic
  • “Six-a-Day” – revision questions
  • Videos covering all topics – students who wish to make copies for use on phones/tablets should speak to Mr Holder for assistance with this
  • OCR Computing for GCSE – Textbook - Scanned copies of textbook chapters
  • OCR Resources - Copies of selected materials used in lessons
  • Dynamic Learning Resources - Copies of selected materials used in lessons
  • Tests - Copies of test materials used in lessons, including answers

Students will be kept informed of additions to the available materials, and are encouraged to speak to Mr Holder or Mr Sheil if they have any difficulty accessing materials, or would like additional learning support. The Department of Computing has already begun after-school sessions on Mondays, and students can be sure of help on those days in particular.

The main focus for revision should be the materials found in the Revision Materials folder, but the other folders are useful for additional revision and reference.

The course specification document can be found in the Year 11 GCSE folder – pages 6 to 11 can be used as a checklist for the theory topics which need to be revised.



Students may access both Higher and Foundation French GCSE past exam papers (Reading and Listening) from 2008-2015 on FROG (navigate to: Modern Languages/French/Year 11/Past Papers).






All Year 11 students have been provided with a free printed revision guide and have been assigned a spreadsheet with all the past questions from previous years via FROG. 

Full past papers can be found on the Edexcel website at:



Link to revision materials on FROG: Glossary, Past Exam Papers and other Online Resources