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Healthy Schools

Warlingham School continues to be a ‘Healthy School’ and we aim to achieve the “Gold Award” status in 2017-18.  The Healthy Schools award is focused on 4 main areas:

Personal, Social, Health and Economic education  (PSHE)

Mental and Emotional Health

Physical Activity


In all these areas, we believe it is a combination of home and school that impacts on children’s health. 

All research shows that children who are engaged in activities beyond the classroom have better outcomes in life.  So far in 2017, over 500 Warlingham students are attending 29 different clubs per fortnight; many of them attending more than one which makes 609 different attendees in total and over 1800 different attendances!

We are working hard to expand participation even further.  The School will never miss an opportunity to explore new club ideas.  A recent example of this is to introduce Tai Kwon-Do classes for our Year 9 students.  To see what the School has to offer at lunchtimes and after school, please visit the Clubs section.

Our PSHE programme has been redesigned to help ensure that every student in Years 7 to 10 will have discrete PSHE lessons, over and above PSHE aspects delivered through tutor and enrichment time for all year groups.  Click here for an overview of how Healthy Schools will be integrated to the wider school curriculum.

There is real benefit from joining in with anything, from voluntary work, group activities or games, such as chess.  However there are extra benefits from taking part in physical activity.  Active children are healthier, happier and achieve better results in exams.

We have an excellent canteen that provides a range of healthy food choices.  In October 2017, our canteen achieved the highest rating (5) for Food Safety and Hygiene by Tandridge District Council.  Food is cooked on the school premises and meets current school meal regulations with particular care taken regarding fat, salt and sugar content.  Click here to view the current menu. 

We are very proud of our work in mental health where we are a leading school in promoting well-being.  Mindfulness is being embedded at many levels and there is an effective support structure available for students who are experiencing a wide array of difficulties.  We communicate regularly with students about their well-being and provide a caring environment in which they feel able, without hesitation, to speak to their Tutor, Head of House or, indeed, any member of staff in the school. 

Click here to find out more about the Surrey Healthy Schools initiative - a joint project between Education and Health services across the county.

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