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Our Specialism

Warlingham School became a designated Specialist School in ‘Business & Enterprise’ in September 2004. Although government funding for specialist schools has ceased, Warlingham retains its Business and Enterprise ethos.

We are committed to providing an exciting, demanding and extended range of activities for students in the business and work-related curriculum and a business and enterprise dimension permeates most subjects.  A variety of events and competitions support students’ understanding of financial management and promote an enterprise culture.

Our Business Centre, with state-of-the art ICT facilities and office standard furniture, provides a modern learning environment for students and for community activities.  We work closely with our business contacts that assist by giving talks, providing case study materials and by offering work placements.
“We aim to give every student an exciting, challenging and creative learning experience that will equip them with the relevant enterprise skills that they will need in their future careers.  We want every Warlingham student to have the courage to take calculated risks so that they all become winners.”