The School's Learning Development department works closely with students' previous schools to ensure a smooth and successful transition to Warlingham School 

SENCO - Mrs T Needs, Assistant Headteacher

We collect SEND information, attend annual reviews where appropriate and visit pupils at their primary schools.  We also offer extra transition sessions before the induction days for more vulnerable students.

In Key Stage 3 we support pupils in a variety of ways.  We use 'Turnabout' to help students develop their memory skills and introduce Read and Write Gold to aid the majority of Year 7 students.  We also have Lexia and Symphonia programmes which support literacy and numeracy, which take place during registration for identified students and this should be supported at home.  We run transition and social skills groups during Year 7, as well as identify pupils who need a higher level of support to develop their reading and spelling skills.  These pupils will be withdrawn in a small group once a week over an agreed period of time.  A handwriting programme is available for home use, supported by the department.

In Years 8 and 9 we have 3 hours per fortnight timetabled for students who continue to need literacy support.  We work closely with the English department and these lessons help to consolidate the work being covered, as well as ensuring good literacy skills which can be transferred across the curriculum. Setting in Maths means that students are taught in smaller groups, with extra support available. We run a lunchtime and after school homework club where extra adult support is available. This takes place in room H3 or the Learning Resource Centre.  A lunchtime club is available for identified students.

In Key Stage 4 we have a Learning Development option which runs parallel to pupils who are studying BTEC Science.  Pupils will have 5 hours per fortnight to study for a General Studies GCSE, where we develop transferable skills that can be used in other subject areas, e.g. writing for different audiences and how to approach an exam paper.  We continue to support in the classroom as well as offering 1-1 support where necessary.  

In Key Stage 5 we offer a small amount of in class support and some 1-1 work.

Students are regularly assessed for exam concessions and these are put into place by the Learning Development team.  In Key Stage 3 it is the class teacher’s responsibility to ensure that if a student needs extra time that this is arranged, either during the following lesson, or adapt the marks to take their needs into account. 

We work closely with a wide range of external agencies which helps to support our more vulnerable pupils. 

SEND Publications:

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