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Year 9 Options

Choosing Options in Year 9 can seem like a daunting process. Making a decision and choosing which subjects to study in Years 10 and 11 needs thought to ensure you make the right choices for you.

Warlingham School has produced the Year 9 Options booklet, a guide to help simplify the information our students will need to make their Options selection.  The booklet details what the choices are and how students should go about making them and it provides clear and simple descriptions of each subject choice. This booklet is updated during the Spring Term each year, in line with the Options Evening for parents, for the new Year 9 cohort. 

For further information about Year 9 Options for 2017-2019, please view the booklet by clicking on the link at the top.  Alternatively, to download a copy to print, please click here.

Explore the options and make the right choice for you!




February 2017