People Like Us

On Monday 23 January 2017, we have arranged for our Year 9 students to see a special production in school.  Theatre of Debate and Surrey Young Carers have teamed up to produce ‘People like Us’, a play about being a young carer and their experiences in day to day life. This is a project to help unidentified carers but also make students and teachers more aware of this cause.

At least one in twelve students are looking after someone affected by disability, health problems or addiction. Whilst these circumstances can bring families closer together, they can also put them under enormous strain, with a significantly increased risk to a young person’s wellbeing, development and education. Young carers are often hidden from view, because their caring roles are not on show to those outside the family. The support they provide can even be unacknowledged within the family, or there may be a reluctance to seek help.