Green Fingers!

The Student Council is supporting the Green Fingered Kids Scheme, run by Woodcote Green Garden Centre, Wallington, which provides vouchers for schools to purchase much needed plants and garden equipment.

A promotional flyer about this scheme has been given to each student to take home.  For every £10 spent by customers at Woodcote Green Garden Centre, a school voucher will be issued with the receipt.  We would be very grateful if parents, extended family members, friends and neighbours would be willing to keep any vouchers they receive at this garden centre and arrange for them to be dropped into Warlingham School, for Miss Bradley and the Student Council.

The School already has attractive and mature grounds at the front of the School, but there are many other outdoor spaces that could really be enhanced by some complimentary planting, to help improve the environment for students and staff alike.

We would be hugely grateful for any vouchers (worth 25p each) that you could collect for us when you visit Woodcote Green Garden Centre.   The scheme runs until 31 July 2017.

If you have never been to Woodcote Green before, it is well worth a visit - see the website for opening times, location etc. 


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