Sport Report

At Warlingham we are very proud to share the PE achievements of our students, in this weekly round up of the most recent school sports results.  Sporting highlights are also shared across the school as a regular and positive feature of our weekly school assemblies.

Click here to view fixtures 26 February 2018.

Latest Action:

4th place in the Badminton Surrey Finals!

2nd Place in the District Swimming Competition!

Table Tennis Tournament: Warlingham 24 - 12 Lingfield

Player of the Tournament: Jasper Smith

Harlequins Youth Programme: Luke Adland and Alfie Lamb

Year 8 Football Team: Warlingham 8 - 4 de Stafford

Player of the match - Jay Simpson

Year 10 7-a-side Tournament: Winners!

Player of the Tournament: Taylor Jones

Year 11 Football: Warlingham 3 - 1 RAAS

Netball: Year 8 A Team: Warlingham 3 - 12 RAAS

Player of the Match: Rosie Merritt

Netball: Year 8 B Team: Warlingham 2 - 4 RAAS

Player of the Match: Hannah Lloyd


Fixtures week commencing Monday  26 February 2018:

Monday 26 February

Year 8 Football V Oxted at Oxted

Year 10 Football V The Beacon at The Beacon

Tuesday 27 February

Year 7 Football V The Warwick at Warlingham

Year 8 Football V The Warwick at The Warwick

Year 10a Netball V Royal Alexandra and Albert School at Warlingham

Year 7a and Year 11a Netball V Reigate School at Warlingham

Wednesday 28 February

Year 7a and 8a Netball V Reigate School at Reigate

Thursday 1 March

Year 9 Football V Oxted at Warlingham

Year 7 Football V Oxted at Oxted

Friday 2 March            Under 13 Rugby 7s at Trinity



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