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New Year's resolutions are one reason to take up a new activity.  Another good reason at Warlingham School is the range of lunchtime and after school clubs available to our students.   Visit the Clubs section to find out what's going on each day, who to contact and where to go to join in.  Currently, over 500 Warlingham students are attending 29 different clubs per fortnight; many of them attending more than one which makes 609 different attendees in total and over 1800 different attendances!  We are working hard to expand participation even further.  The School will never miss an opportunity to explore new club ideas, for example, this academic year we have introduced Tai Kwon-Do classes for our students.

Lunchtime clubs run every day between 1.35-2.10pm.  There are even more after school clubs on offer, which generally run between 3.15-4.30pm, unless otherwise specified. 

As part of our Healthy School Gold Award challenge, we are exploring ways to develop our offer further.  The Award, which encompasses four broad categories:  Personal, Social, Health and Economic education (PSHE), Mental and Emotional Health, Physical Activity and Nutrition, is part of the Surrey Healthy Schools initiative - a joint project between Education and Health services across the county.  To find out more about the School’s commitment to maintaining a healthy school environment, please visit the Healthy Schools section.


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