Year 9 Students

We are delighted that Warlingham School has been invited to host a day-long digital citizenship workshop called ‘Be Internet Citizens’ on Friday 23 March 2018.  ‘Be Internet Citizens’ is a nationwide project that Google runs as part of their YouTube ‘Creators for Change’ initiative. The PSHE Association-accredited programme seeks to teach young people vital digital citizenship skills to enable them to become positive users of a safe and exciting web.

The workshop is produced by the Institute for Strategic Dialogue (ISD) and will be delivered by expert facilitators from Google and YouTube. The workshop is designed to teach 13 to 15 year-olds about media literacy, critical thinking and digital citizenship. The workshop will include a series of exciting activities that will take young people through a range of social and political issues they face today such as hate speech, fake news and emotional manipulation.

There will also be an opportunity for our students - on a voluntary basis - to showcase their skills and talent through a video exercise, supported by YouTube stars and youth mentors.   

Look out for coverage of the day's activities in more detail, in the next school newsletter - coming soon.


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