Year 7 Key Assessment Point 5-9 November 2018

Year 7 students may use all the available revision materials in the School's virtual learning environment 'The Student Room', in preparation for the Key Assessment Point (KAP) week 5-9 November 2018.  

The Student Room link is listed under the 'Students' tab at the very top of this webpage. 

Students should use their school login password to open The Student Room (as recorded in school student planners).  If necessary, students can also ask their tutors for assistance.   During half term, student password queries should be sent to the School IT Team:  Please note, however, that service will be limited during the closure period.

Once the Student Room homepage launches:

1.  students should click on the icon 'Student Revision and Homework Projects (all years)'

2.  select and click on 'Year 7' under the subheading 'Documents', to open all the Year 7 subject folders and the revision activities.


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