Year 11 Key Assessment Point 1 Timetable - 11-13 December 2018

To view the timetable for the Year 11 KAP 1 exams running 11-13 December 2018, please click here.

Please note that triple clash students have been issued with individual timetables.

All students have been asked to note the following conditions:

All exams are in the Sports Hall. Seat numbers from under the link. Please check well in advance.

  • Bags must not be brought to the Sports Hall. Put in lockers, tutor rooms etc.
  • No packaging on water bottles. Blazers under tables, not on back of chairs.
  • Try to use the revision strategies from Elevate session before half term.
  • Most Option Subjects have just one exam that will take place in Option Subject slot. Variable exam lengths.
  • Those subjects with a second exam will take place as indicated on the timetable. Length of exam noted.

We wish all our students the best of luck with their exams.


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