Student Council

Warlingham School values student voice and constantly strives to further incorporate the students’ hopes, wishes and opinions into all that we do within the school.

Student Council meetings are divided into year groups and take place weekly during registration.  Meetings are minuted, projects planned, work delegated and targets created.

Warlingham is very proud of its Student council, facilitated by Miss Haylock.  They have achieved much for this School.  They have designed the outside spaces, improved the canteen, introduced water fountains, been consulted in the recruitment of new staff, played a key role in our winning the Healthy School Gold Award as well as raising lots of money for worthy causes.  This year’s new council is now getting stuck into business.  We thought it would be nice to allow the presidents to introduce themselves to the parent and student body. The Student Council membership comprises:


Vice President


Vice Treasurer


Vice Secretary

Public Relations Director

Public Relations Director Assistant

Read below, some comments from Student Councillors about the roles and activities.

“Hello, I’m Nicola the female president of the 2018/19 Warlingham Student Council.

A few of my peers and I were in the Student Council last year and had a wonderful experience. During that time we learnt the ropes of the Student Council and took it and ran with it; meanwhile, developing lifelong friendships.  I moved from South Africa a year ago and only joined Warlingham in Year 8; I found being in the student council made me feel important and meaningful. It helped to build up my confidence in order to do presentations in school assemblies, help to organise summertime balls, donut sales, charity events, updating noticeboards and basically be the person I am today.

This whole experience has taught me so much responsibility. I love being part of this big family! Everyone here are such lovely people who I feel so comfortable around and where I can be myself. As they say, great minds think alike!

Although a lot of fun, the Student Council holds a lot of responsibility and you have to be ready to take that on.  You may find that you have to give up some of your free time, but it’s all worth it, because at the end you get to put all of this experience on your C.V!

I’ve always wanted to be a member of a Council or Prefect body, so when I came here I was overjoyed with the fact that all I had to do was say a speech and be democratically elected by my classmates - and that was it! The opportunities the Student Council provides you are endless! We get involved in charities, the environments around the school, clubs, activities, teaching and learning.

In closing, I feel that being on the Student Council has greatly enriched my life and has helped me grow into a person with skills I will be able to use throughout my life… I highly recommend it!”

“Hi, my name is Joseph. To begin with, I just wanted to be a part of the student council as I saw it as a great thing to do as I’d always wanted to do what I can to improve the school in any way possible. To be elected as a councillor, we made a speech explaining why we’d each be the right person for the role to our tutor groups, who after hearing them would choose one of the candidates to represent them at the student council meetings.  Despite coming up against two excellently courageous and kind people, I was elected as the representative of 9R; something which I’m extremely humbled by and grateful for to this day. When we attended our first few meetings, we were informed that there would be roles within the student council itself; President, Treasurer, Secretary and Public Relations Director. Originally, I’d planned to make a speech about the secretary role, however, at the last minute I changed my mind and went for the presidency, I, alongside the other candidates were rather nervous when we made our speeches, however the pride and joy felt afterwards were more than overpowering. A week later, in our next meeting, Miss Haylock announced the people whom she wanted to take up the aforementioned roles, as the names were read out, I felt a huge amount of pride in my good friends who had deservedly achieved their roles, a few moments later, I was announced as president of student council: an announcement that still surprises me to this day. I cannot put into words the most emphatic ecstasy and pride that I felt afterwards, it was a happiness so great, it was the best I have felt whilst attending any school in my lifetime: it truly was unbelievable!”

January 2019



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