Student Council

Warlingham School values student voice and constantly strives to further incorporate the students’ hopes, wishes and opinions into all that we do within the school.

Student Council meetings take place weekly during registration.  Meetings are minuted, projects planned, work delegated and targets created.

Warlingham is very proud of its Student council, facilitated by Mr Crenol.  They have achieved so much for the School.  They have designed the outside spaces, improved the canteen, introduced water fountains, been consulted in the recruitment of new staff, played a key role in winning the Healthy School Gold Award as well as raising lots of money for worthy causes.  This year’s new council is now getting stuck into business.  We thought it would be nice to allow the presidents to introduce themselves to the parent and student body. The Student Council membership comprises:


Vice President


Vice Treasurer


Vice Secretary

Public Relations Director

Form Representatives

Read below, some comments from Student Councillors about the roles and activities.

Ethan Slatter, Year 9 (President)

“Hi, my name is Ethan and I’m the president of the 2019/20 Student Council.

This is my first time in the Student Council. I chose to put myself forward to be a part of the Student Council (despite being nervous) and my form elected me. From there I once again put myself forward, but this time as president. I was surprised that I was elected. This really brought up my confidence as I didn’t think I was going to be part of the Council in the first place. In the future I will be part of a presentation for the assembly about the Student Council. If you have low confidence being part of the Student Council is a great way to help improve it!

Personally, I have had a great time being part of the Student Council; it has also taught me new responsibilities that I had to take on. All these skills have bettered myself. Also, every person in the Student Council is amazing, polite and lovely which is always a great thing.

Being part of the Student Council holds a wide range of responsibilities and may take up some free time but it’s so worth it because in the end it will go on your CV record. Colleges are looking for these sorts of qualities among students.

Overall, the Student Council is a great way to learn so many skills and to benefit you after school”.

Joanna Elyahky, Year 11 (Treasurer)

“Hello, I’m Joanna the treasurer of the 2019/20 Student Council. I decided to join the student council this year as I saw it was a great opportunity for me to get more involved in the school community. In our first meeting we were informed that people would be given roles within the council. So I decided to put myself forward as treasurer as I’m organised, open minded and dynamic. In the second meeting we had to pitch ourselves to the council; I was up against some amazing people who all deserved the role. The following week it was announced that I was voted to be this year’s treasurer, which I am privileged for. I can’t wait to start helping out in this great community.”

Danielle Vaillant, Year 11 (Secretary)

“Hello, my name is Danielle and I am secretary of the student council. I wanted to join the studentl council because I wanted to be a part of helping the school get better. I believe that by improving the school, it would be improving people’s learning as well as making the school a great environment for students to learn from.

I chose to become the role of secretary in the student council because I feel that my skills are shown throughout this role. I have good organisation skills, which means I am able to look after work and important information for each session. I also have great communication skills which means that I am able to ask other students about what they believe, and what changes they would like to happen in this school.

I really enjoy being in student council because I can be involved by developing the school and making it better.”


January 2020


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