Child Protection and Safeguarding

Designated Safeguarding Leads

Mrs K Haynes, Assistant Headteacher

Mrs B Hunt, Head of Johnson House

Mr D Gunn, Head of Chichester House

Mrs N Wigzell, Head of Sharman House

Miss P Hurst, Head of Mallory House

Mr R Leay, KS3 Support Lead, Head of Year Sixth Form

Mrs R Howe, Head of Department, Head of Year Sixth Form 

There is a growing concern around the use of social media and trying to keep up to date with a rapidly changing technological world.  As a school we are trying to address many of these issues through our curriculum and also through assemblies, tutor periods and other special events throughout the year. 

Below are links for parents supporting students using social media, together with some links to tips and available tools to help support mental health matters in School.  We hope you will find them useful.

National Online Safety 'Catfishing' parent guide on Twitter click here
Our Pact app - mobile guidance for your family click here
A Parent Fact Sheet on TikTok click here
A Parents Guide to Facebook click here
A Parents Guide to Google + click here
A Parents Guide to Instagram click here
A Parents Guide to Twitter click here
A Parents Guide to Snapchat click here
A Parents Guide to click here
Keeping your child safe online - a parents/carers checklist click here
CEOP - For students/parents/adults to keep children safe online and to alert the authorities  of inappropriate behaviour. For further information click the red button.  Ceop button

We Need to Talk about Mental Health at School

click here
How to Deal with Stress at School click here
Why Your Health Matters click here
6 Ways to Boost Resilience at School or Work click here
Child Protection & safeguarding Policy 2019 click here