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The following online resources are available to students to assist with their learning and home study .  If students experience any difficulty logging on to the following websites, they should contact their subject teacher for assistance.

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Business and Economics




Health & Social Care


Username: school email

Password: password


Modern Foreign Languages









How to draw an eye



GCSE Bitesize

Dynamic Learning

Active Learn

Tutur2U Business

Revision World

Tutor2U Economics

Tutor2U Reference Library

Physics and Maths Tutor Economics Revision

CCEA Economics

CCEA Business Studies

Economics Online

Edexcel GCSE Past Papers

Edexcel A Level Economics (2015) Past Papers

Edexcel A Level Economics (2008) Past Papers (old syllabus, but still useful)

Edexcel BTEC National Past Papers


Key Stage 3 Computer Science

Students should create their own account using their school username and email address.

Students should create an account using their school email address.

GCSE Computer Science

Students should have their own account details; if not they should create an account using their school email address.

A Level Computer Science



These guys – The Drama Geezers - were on the BBC news recently – their aim is to promote drama in schools, and they have a series of activities on their you-tube channel which are basically drama games and warm-ups. They are often things which require 2 participants, so get your brothers/sisters/parents/carers to play along with you. - this is excellent for Yrs 10 and 11. They will need to select the correct exam board, which is EDEXCEL, and everything else is self-explanatory. Yr 11 would only really need to look at the written paper materials, for Yr 10 the whole thing is useful.

This is really useful for all exam years – Yr 12 included, as it gives a director’s perspective of the show we saw earlier this month.

It’s always good to see as much live theatre as possible, even if you can’t go to the theatre - this webpage is a live resource with links to shows which can be watched online for free during the COVID-19 theatre shut down. It will be updated on a regular basis, so obviously we won’t have seen everything that is on it at any particular time.


The British Library -

This is your go-to site in terms of really good, challenging content for English Literature.  As a starting point, Google ‘British Library + Romeo and Juliet’ or ‘British Library + An Inspector Calls’ – you get the idea.

BBC Bitesize -

There’s lots here to consolidate your knowledge.  There are separate areas for both English Literature and English Language.  All aspects of the qualifications are covered.

Sparknotes -

A similar(ish) website to BBC Bitesize.  You’ll find notes on most of the English Literature texts, plus quizzes to test your knowledge.

Cliffs Notes -

There’s plenty here to help you revise the core English Literature texts – chapter summaries, character overviews, quizzes and essay questions.

Universal Teacher -

This website is one of my favourites.  It’s got comprehensive notes on most of the English Literature texts, and there’s also relevant information that you can use to help revise for English Language.

The Stable Oyster Blog -

This website contains some excellent blogs on the poems from the AQA Power and Conflict cluster.  Click on the website link and then type the name of the poem you want to revise into the search bar.

Learning From My Mistakes Blog -

Another blogging website.  This one contains links to more resources on the poems from the AQA Power and Conflict cluster.

The Guardian -

It’s worth typing the name of the text (or area) you want to study into the search bar – it’s likely that you’ll find some decent stuff.  For example, there are a number of really good articles on Jekyll and Hyde and Macbeth.


You can find past papers, mark schemes and exam reports.  Look for the ‘assessment resources’ area and go from there.

Seneca Learning for English Language GCSE -

Your #1 tool for GCSE English Language revision. Create your own log in and revise for English Language in a more interactive way. Created by senior examiners, Seneca covers all your exam board specific content in a highly engaging way.

Seneca Learning for English Literature GCSE -

Seneca has been found to be 2x as effective as reading revision guides.  Create your own log in and revise for English Language in a more interactive way.


S-Cool - Geography -

Learn on the Internet - Geography -

BBC Bitesize - Geography -

Health & Social Care - learn British Sign Language for free and get a certificate


MATHS  click to view our Useful Maths Website 2021 poster

MyMaths -

Username: warlingham

Password: Kindness

Personal Login Details – See classroom teacher.

Corbett Maths -

No password required.  Excellent website and revision tool.

Exam questions with worked solutions and a 5-a-day challenge question

Dr Frost Maths -

Username: school email

Password: password

Maths Genie

No Passwords required

Excellent Exam Practice

 Pearson Active Learn -

Username: school username

Password: Active 20

Hegarty Maths -

Search Warlingham and insert name/date of birth to activitate your new password!

Username: school email

Password: password


MODERN FOREIGN LANGUAGES = students at KS4 (year 10 and 11) will be issued with their own username and password.  To help learn and revise vocabulary. – to help learn and revise grammar/verb endings (both for French and Spanish) = to help learn and revise vocabulary – Ask your Tutor for the username and password. = to help learn and revise vocabulary – no password required. Students can create their own vocabulary lists or practise with existing ones. = to practise listening skills in a more ludic way.

Click here for an Online Learning Fact Sheet



Key Stage 3/4/5 – Music Homework and Classwork website

Username: First name followed by the first letter of first name.  e.g. HomerS

The password is on a sticker inside each students planner.

Key Stages 4 and 5 – Music Homework and Classwork website

Specifically, this website is for notating student composition work.

Students should first register using their school email address


Username: student’s unique login.


PE Theory classes

The EverLearner =

All of the relevant students in the classes below have now been set up and their usernames and passwords have been emailed to them.

  • GCSE PE (year 10)
  • Sport Science (year 10)
  • A-level PE (year 12)
  • BTEC Sport Level 3 (year 12)


  1. BBC Bitesize -
  2. echalk -
  3. Seneca learning -

KS3 / 4 / 5 Websites

Fitness Videos:

  1. The Body Coach TV:
  2. Pilates and Yoga:
  3. Aerobic Exercise:
  4. Strength and Resistance:
  5. Other fitness plans:

Healthy Eating:


Sports Quiz’s:

Sports News:

Weekly Challenge:

Can you beat Mrs Salem’s Score?!

Challenge 1 Matching socks -  12 pairs in 59 seconds


Challenge 2 Sorting socks  - 2 pairs in 12 seconds




Years 9,10,11


The username is the usual school one and the password for all students is active19. This resource has access to the digital text book and other online activities. 

Years 7,8,12,13


Institution code FMB6



GCSE Religious Studies (AQA)-

Christianity content for all years -

 GCSE Religious Studies content (AQA Spec A – Christianity, Islam and Thematic Studies) -