KS5 - Years 12 & 13

Key stage 5 - general

All Year 13 students have been issued with hard copies of exam papers and mark schemes. Students have also received guidance on accessing SharePoint  and use of resources within those areas.

Both Year 12 and 13 students will be asked to access resources on the schools SharePoint. This will include;

  1. exam checklists
  2. revision materials
  3. past papers
  4. mark schemes
  • Year 12 students will receive fortnightly learning plans from their teachers. Year 13 students should continue with their studies as already prescribed. No fortnightly learning plan is provided for Year 13 groups as finishing the course and self-determined revision as appropriate forms the bulk of their approach.
  • A folder named “Course content still outstanding” has been placed in each department SharePoint areas for year 13. This has been populated with relevant material covering the outstanding remainder of the course for Year 13. A folder named “School closure documents” has been placed in the year 12 area in department folders and contains the upcoming areas of study for Year 12.
  • Key stage 5 students will be expected to email teachers with any questions or work for assessment as relevant during any enforced closure.


KS5 information letter https://bit.ly/3bccr4X

SharePoint https://bit.ly/391tF3b