IT Support

Microsoft Teams

IT Support is recommending for staff to download and install Microsoft Teams, the link below will allow you download this on to any device - Phone, Tablet, PC or Mac

Download Microsoft Teams

IT Support

To get in touch with IT Support you have a few options, we’ve listed them below:

Email Support

Send an email to

Make sure that you give us as much detail as possible to aid us in helping you. If you can take a screenshot of the issue and attach this to the email, that will greatly help as we can then see, what you see.

Call Support

Call: 01883 776677 – Option 2 (IT and Technical Support)

The IT helpdesk is open during office hours only, this is: Monday to Friday / 8am to 4pm

Online Support – Logging a ticket

You can log a ticket online at:

You can raise a ticket via the website, this will then be logged and assigned to a technician. You will receive an email whenever the status of your ticket changes.

Downloading Remote Help

We might need to remotely connect to your PC in order to help resolve the issue you have logged. Below is a link to download an app called "Teamviewer Quick Support".  

Download Teamview Quick Support

Remote Access Guide

Please see below our latest remote access guide, this document details how to connect remotely to Warlingham School.

Download Remote Access Guide

Visit Remote Access Login Portal

Update Password

If your password has expired or you need to change your password, click on the link below:

Change my Password

Home Access Plus+

You can now access your My Documents and Pupil Resources folders online via HAP (Home Access Plus+).

Visit Home Access Plus+