• Bridging the Gap - Overview

Year 11 into Year 12 Transition - Bridging the Gap

Our 'Bridging the Gap' programme is designed to help students make a strong start at Warlingham Sixth Form College. The programme consists of five elements, each of which provides Year 11 students with a range of resources and materials designed to help them make the transition from school to college.

Bridging the Gap - College Skills PUZZLE

We will support you to develop learning skills that you will need for college. 

We will provide a series of videos to watch and activities to complete.  These are all designed to ensure you arrive at Warlingham Sixth Form College with the right knowledge and skills to make a strong start.  Some of these resources are provided by an external company (netsixthform.co.uk). 

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Bridging the Gap - Course Transition PUZZLE
We will help you develop course-specific knowledge and skills so you are ready to start Year 12.
Each department has created a booklet containing a course overview and access to a wealth of resources which will help you to transition from Year 11 to Year 12. 
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Bridging the Gap - Supporting You PUZZLE

We will explain what pastoral and academic support is available to you and how you can access it.
We also provide support materials to help you reflect on the courses you have selected, to ensure that they match your interests and fit with your career ambitions.
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Bridging the Gap - Enrichment & Graduation PUZZLE

You will be able to learn more about the enrichment opportunities we offer.
We will also explain how you can create a graduation portfolio that will demonstrate your suitability for university, an apprenticeship or employment.
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Bridging the Gap - Life After College PUZZLE

We know we are part of your journey towards further education, an apprenticeship or employment.  
We will keep a firm eye on your goal and will provide you with lots of support and guidance on your future career.
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