• Bridging the Gap - College Skills

Bridging the Gap - College Skills

The first module in our 'Bridging the Gap' programme, which is designed to help students make a strong start at Warlingham Sixth Form College, will help you develop 'College Skills'.

The move into college is an exciting one but is also one that demands a higher level of critical thinking and a wider range of applied skills. To help students better prepare for life as a college student, this section will be updated regularly with lectures, activities and video guides to help students acquire, develop and hone a range of essential learning skills that will ease the transition between Key Stage 4 and Key Stage 5.

Initially, there is focus on learning how to use the Cornell method - an effective note-taking system that is recognised worldwide.  There are also a number of VESPA activities which will help students develop the skills, attitudes and approaches that they will need to be successful in college. The VESPA system draws together current thinking from psychology, business and sport to inspire, motivate and support students ensuring they achieve their full potential. It aims to cut through the noise surrounding character development to discover common behaviours and characteristics that all students need to be successful.


“Students who are successful score highly in the following characteristics or qualities” (Oakes and Griffin)

We would like students to follow the timetable below, to thoroughly prepare them for taking on the challenge of post-16 study. We will regularly provide you with additional materials to support these activities as we work towards the summer holidays.  As each section in the College Skills module becomes available, you will be able to click on the link below to access it.

Skill / Activity Link to Materials Complete By
Cornell note-taking  Click Here 18th May
Making notes from a podcast / video Click Here 1st June
VESPA Vision - Getting Dreams Done Click Here 8th June
VESPA Effort - The Power of "If... then" Thinking Click Here 22nd June
VESPA Vision - Mental Contrasting Click Here 5th July
VESPA Systems - Snack, Don't Binge Click Here 20th July
Please note that some of the links will require PowerPoint. If you plan to access it on a phone, you may need to download an app.  There are many viewers available, for example, the Office mobile app for Android or iOS can be downloaded from Microsoft.  Please click here or paste this link into your browser: https://www.microsoft.com/en-gb/microsoft-365/mobile