• Bridging the Gap - Enrichment and Graduation

Bridging the Gap - Enrichment & Advance Award

Warlingham Advance Award is our way of supporting students into the next phase of their lives, with a recognition that each student is unique and that we need to meet their individual needs.  We strive to provide a framework of experiences and learning that students can engage with and adapt to meet their own career needs. As a result of participating in the Advance Award & Enrichment programme, each student will become a ‘more rounded’ individual.  We want our students to have the skills to support themselves and learn to be self-starters.  Work Experience opportunities and visits by employers are a major part of our Advance Award programme; a programme that will make the difference in successful transition to the next career stage.  By the time our students leave us, they will have a ‘CV’ which sets them apart from the field, and in completing all of the Advance Award elements the will have developed the knowledge, skills and experiences that sets them apart from their peer group. 

We also want our students to understand their place in society and when entering our college we expect each individual to have a responsibility to the local community and wider society as well as to the college.  Opportunities will be provided and signposted to ensure that students participate in community-based activities based on their interests.  We want students to volunteer and foster links with the wider community in college, and outside college, undertaking opportunities that make a difference to people’s lives and wellbeing, as well as their own.  We want students to build relationships and connect with people, understanding the impact they can have.  These opportunities will include lesson support, paired reading and paired maths in college in addition to community-based work in nursing homes, special needs schools, and in running charity events. All of these experiences will support the development of employability skills.


Volunteering and community involvement is at the heart of our Advance Award and Enrichment offer.  We would like all students to consider volunteering in their community to promote their own well being and that of others and also their employability skills.  Research suggests that:

  • Volunteering connects you to others
  • Volunteering is good for your mind and body
  • Volunteering can advance your career
  • Volunteering brings fun and fulfilment to your life

Each year we support students to find worthwhile volunteering opportunities in their community to ensure they can all benefit from community involvement as part of their Advance Award.  Why not start researching possible opportunities now?  Some exciting volunteering opportunities are signposted here, many of them local:

·         www.do-it.org

·         www.ncvo.org.uk/ncvo-volunteering/i-want-to-volunteer,

·         www.cvalive.org.uk/volunteering/


Our enrichment offer is another way we support our students to develop their skills and experiences to the utmost.  Timetabled opportunities include the Community Sports Leadership Award, the Extended Project Qualification, The Duke of Edinburgh Award, Young Enterprise, and Debating, amongst others.  Students will also have the opportunity to develop their leadership skills by becoming a College Prefect, sit on the governing body as a Student Governor, or volunteer to be a College President or Student Union leader.  Curriculum enrichment mirrors our motto and does indeed widen student horizons with trips to CERN (Physics), Iceland (Geography), New York (Business Studies and Economics) and Costa Rica (Biology).  Students may also wish to apply for our annual trip to Auschwitz, and many of our students also make good use of our fitness gym, swimming pool, sports hall and outdoor astroturf facilities – staff against student football being an annual favourite... and fiercely contested!

In the short video below, Harvey talks about his experience of the College Graduation Scheme (now known as Advance Award).

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