Year 6 into 7 Transition Support for September 2020

We have created a range of resources to help Year 6 students prepare for when they join us in September.  We do hope that you and your child will find them useful as an induction to the School.

Welcome Letter

We sent all new students a letter outlining the activities and support we are offering to help with transition.  Please click here to access it.

Welcome Messages from Year 7 Form Tutors

Each Form Tutor has recorded a welcome message to introduce themselves to their new students in advance of the new term.  Please click on the form name below to view the relevant video.

Miss Harris


Miss Raymond 


Miss Johnson


Mrs Smales 


Mr Battistel


Mr Moosa


Mrs Wilkins


Ms Flanagan



Meet the Tutors

To help students get to know their tutors a little better before September, we have included a little fact file about them all.

Please click here to view.

Introducing the Learning Development Team

We have included an overview guide to our Learning Development Team which introduce sy=tudents to who they are and where they can be found.

Please click here to view

Year 7 School Handbook 2020-2021

The School Handbook contains a range of information about the School. All parents and students should read this before starting in September  Please click on the image below to read the handbook.

Virtual Tour of the School

We have created a virtual tour of the school which will allow students to familiarise themselves with the layout of the school before they join.  You can view the virtual tour as a single video which takes less than 17 minutes, or watch five shorter mini tours as and when you have time.  To view the full length video, please click it below.

The mini tours can be viewed by downloading a PowerPoint presentation.  Please click here to download it.  Alternatively, if you do not have PowerPoint, you can click the images below to access the relevant mini tour on Vimeo.


Virtual Tour - Title Slide A & C Virtual Tour - Title Slide B Virtual Tour - Title Slide CEM
A Block and C Block
(Languages, Head of House and Science Labs)
B Block
(Art, Geography and History)

C Block, E Block and M Block
(Maths, English, Music and SRW)

Virtual Tour - Title Slide D Virtual Tour - Title Slides Sports Centre
D Block, Learning Resources Centre, College Facilities and Astroturf Sports Centre
(Gymnasium, Fitness Suite, Sports Hall and Swimming Pool)

We have produced an information guide to starting Year 7 which introduces students to key staff and highlights some of the rules and guidelines of which they need to be aware.  Please click here to access it.Starting Year 7 Introduction Guide

Induction Booklet

This booklet has been designed to help students prepare for life at Warlingham. It contains a range of activities designed to help students become more familiar with the School.  Please work through the activities and bring the completed booklet to hand to your form tutor when you start in September.  The booklet has already been posted to all new Year 7 students.  To access another copy, please click here.  

Subject Taster Tasks

The English, Maths and Science departments have all produced booklets containing tasks to help Year 6 students understand how they will learn at Warlingham once they start in September. Please click the images below to access them.

KS3&4 - English

KS3&4 - Maths

KS3&4 - Science

Summer Reading Heroes

The Learning Resource Centre (LRC) has produced a competition aimed at getting to know the students better and to help provide books for the LRC that best suits the students and their interests.  Please click here to download a copy as a PDF (not editable).  Please click here to download a copy in Microsoft Word (editable)

New Intake Parents Evening

As we are not able to run our usual welcome evening in July, we have produced a series of videos to communicate the information virtually.  Please click on the relevant image below to watch the video.

Slide1 2 The student view PKi Title Slide Slide1
Welcome, Aims and Values
Paul Foster, Headteacher
The Student View
Paul Kinder, Deputy Headteacher

The Learning Journey
Rick Toop, Assistant Headteacher

Slide1 Slide1 Slide1
Meet the Team
Danielle MacMahon, Primary Liaison Co-ordinator
Key Expectations and Working Partnerships
Katie Haynes, Assistant Headteacher
Warlingham School Fund
Paul Seward, Deputy Headteacher
Start of Term Arrangements
Paul Foster, Headteacher