Spiritual, Moral, Social & Cultural Development


Our motto of ‘Wide Horizons, High Aspirations’ underpins everything we do. We have high expectations in terms of learning, behaviour and attendance which leads to excellent academic progress. We provide an environment that excites, motivates and challenges our students to place no ceiling on achievement and to develop an interest in the world around them.  Through positive relationships, challenge and opportunity, students are supported to develop their Courage, Commitment and Kindness.

The intent of our curriculum, is that all students experience a learning journey over seven years of study. We believe the curriculum should extend beyond the academic to enable students to enhance their personal development and prepare them for adult life. As part of this journey, students will explore their spiritual, moral, social, and cultural development.  


SMSC is delivered across the school in lessons and through wider curriculum events such as, assemblies, Inspire sessions, Votes for Schools and extra-curricular activities. Our broad and balanced curriculum holds at its heart fundamental British Values, which promotes respect and tolerance of all faiths, respect of law and rules, and the belief in liberty and freedom for all people.

Below are examples of some of the ways in which we promote SMSC through our curriculum.

We promote spiritual development in the following ways:

  • Allowing time for stillness and personal reflection.
  • Exploring different beliefs & faiths in RE lessons and during assemblies
  • Studying the concept of identity in literature and art.

We promote moral development in the following ways:

  • Asking and answering moral questions in RE.
  • Studying texts and exploring moral dilemmas that characters face.
  • Use Votes for Schools to explore big questions in a collaborative way.

We promote social development in the following ways:

  • We ensure all pupils have a voice through an elected school council.
  • Diverse range of extra-curricular activities
  • We off a range of buddy schemes and leadership opportunities.

We promote cultural development in the following ways:

  • Inclusion of photographs, artefacts and music from other cultures.
  • Being part of a wider school pastoral system 
  • Fostering community links and a wide variety of extra-curricular activities.