This year our enrolment process will begin on GCSE results day which is Thursday 12th August. 

The College uses an online enrolment system called Admissions+, which makes the process simple for students to enrol.  If you have already created an application you will need to log into your account.  If you have not yet started an application form you will need to create an account.  Please follow the instructions on screen. 

Admissions+  allows most students to enrol virtually and be accepted into the College without the need to attend College in person, however we will have staff available in College on Thursday 12th August and Friday 13th August, and again on Thursday 2nd September, should you wish to discuss course choices prior to accessing the online system.

Warlingham students

We’re looking forward to welcoming back Warlingham students, who will have access to computers so they can enrol whilst collecting their GCSE results.  They will also have their GCSE grades automatically inputted on to the system and will be able to access the system online to finalise their applications. 

External students

We’re looking forward to meeting students who will be joining us from other schools.  If you are joining us from another school, you will be asked to input your confirmed GCSE results and to upload an image file as evidence of your results.  This is a quick and simple process.

The process

The link to access the system is https://warlinghamschool.applicaa.com/. You will then come to the log in page.  If you have forgotten your password the system will send a reminder.  Once on the system you will then be taken to your subject choices.  This page will show all the choices you originally made.  If you wish to make changes to subject choices having received your GCSE grades you will be able to do it at this point.  You will then be asked to submit your finalised application.  Once this application has been reviewed by a member of the College team, you will receive an email or phone call informing you about the outcome of your enrolment process.  This will be:

  • a straight acceptance onto their courses of choice, or
  • an opportunity to discuss grades and course choices more fully over the phone or in a face-to-face meeting that will be arranged to take place on Thursday 12th August, Friday 13th August, or on Thursday 2nd September.

Rob Scott (Head of College) will also be monitoring a dedicated email address (enrolment@warlinghamsixthform.co.uk) throughout August if you have any queries at all about subject choices.

Once the enrolment process is completed, we will be welcoming all of our new Year 12 students to start attending College on Monday 6th September for an induction day with normal lessons commencing on Tuesday 7th September at 8.35am. 

To ensure a safe start to College life we are going to be testing all students for Covid 19 before they start.

We will be asking all students to come into College on Wednesday 1st September between 10.00am and 11.00am to test.

A further test will be carried out at College on Monday 6th September between 10.00am and 11.00am after which the induction day will commence.