Often Governors are asked what they actually do. It's not an easy question to answer, without giving a long list of responsibilities and quoting various pieces of legislation. A simple answer to the question is that school improvement and raising standards is at the heart of school governance.


Governors have three strands to their role:

To provide a strategic view:                  
by determining where the school is going and by ensuring that policies, frameworks and personnel are designed to achieve the school's long term aims.
To act as a critical friend:
by promoting the school and supporting its work through the monitoring and evaluation of the school’s effectiveness.
To ensure accountability:
by establishing targets and expected outcomes for the academic and personal development of our students and then by challenging the school's leadership along the journey towards their realisation. We hold the school to account on behalf of stakeholder groups (including students and their parents) of which the governors are representatives.
The Local Governing Committee is the Academy Trust and its members are, in effect, trustees and directors.
The School has 13 local governors made up as follows: 8 Community, 2 Parent, 2 staff and 1 Headteacher.   

Current governors are: Jacqueline Baker, Sarah Berke, James Innes, Simon Wermig, Sue Woodgate, Angela Smith, Michele Stacey, Carol Holah, Nickesh Kumar, Paul Foster and we have three vacancies.    We also have one student associate governor: Hayden Fry and one student vacancy.  The clerk is Catriona Sanderson   

The Local Governing Committee meets twice each term.
If you wish to contact the Governing Body, please write to the Chair, via the Clerk to Governors, at the school or email the Clerk to the Governors, Catriona Sanderson by clicking here.