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Physical Education

Head of Department: Mr A Ward


The intent of the curriculum, is for all students to experience a physical education curriculum which fosters a lifelong passion for physical activity and sport. Students will leave Warlingham having had a positive, engaging and highly challenging experience of PE which inspires them to continue to play or be involved in sport for the remainder of their lifetime.

Students at Warlingham will engage in a curriculum which is student centred that strives to develop an intrinsic motivation for sport and physical activity. The understanding that all students are at different points of their learning journey underpins our teaching and learning policy and curriculum intent and is at the core of every lesson. This approach allows for every learner to achieve their full potential and for there to be no ceiling on learning.

Lessons at Warlingham will be structured in a way that challenges students to become effective decision makers through finding solutions to problems. This will be supplemented by concise and well planned questioning which challenges students both intellectually and physically. In addition,  students will be afforded the opportunity to experiment and discover ways of applying techniques in unstructured ways at regular points throughout the year.

The curriculum is structured into two sections; team and individual activities. Students will be taught in their own gender as well as mixed groups and will take part in each activity for a set period of time. Team sports will be taught in 10 week blocks whereas individual sports will be taught in 6 half term blocks. Additional skills will be introduced to lessons as students repeat activities and progress through their learning journey however it will always be acknowledged that learners may need either extra time developing a skill or additional challenge.

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Extra - Curricular Information

The extra-curricular program at Warlingham is student centred and designed around the needs of our students. We strive to ensure that students have an opportunity to play an variety of sports throughout the year. Our aim is to provide breadth of activity so that every student at Warlingham has an opportunity to take part In some form of sport or physical activity that is relevant to them.

Our mission is to ensure that every child has the opportunity to take part in their chosen sport regardless of what level they are currently at. When representing the school students will have an equal opportunity to perform with their peers and will be provided with equal opportunities throughout the season. Inclusion is central to the extra-curricular ethos of our after school program and underpins everything we do.

Developing our students physical competency is another priority at Warlingham. All after school sessions will be high in quality and will be varied to motivate students to attend. Coaching sessions will be games or activity relevant and include opportunities for students to practise their skills in a supportive environment. All training sessions will run in line with the current philosophies of national governing bodies and will support the relevant player / performer pathway in each activity.   Visit the Clubs section and the PE Fixtures section for further details.

PE Clothing

For details of standard school PE uniform items and the school supplier, please visit the Uniform section. 

Click here to visit the Warlingham PE clothing shop to buy official extra curricular clothing. Ensure you select the 'Warlingham Bulk Delivery' option for free delivery to the school. 

Exam Courses

Here is an overview of the exam courses that are run within the PE department. In addition to these, we also run the Community Sports Leaders Award and students are able to get involved in the Duke of Edinburgh Award.

Key Stage 4 Courses

GCSE Course Overview

GCSE Physical Education is an option to those pupils who have a particular interest or expertise in sport.

Course Overview

The emphasis throughout the course is on introducing the concepts with Physical Education and relating these to performance whilst developing your knowledge, competence and confidence in a wide variety of skills that will enable you to confidently move forward in life. The theoretical side of the course is complemented by the practical element where you will get to put this newly learned theory into practice and improve and develop in your chosen activities.

Course Assessment

Theory Exam 60%, Practical Assessment 40%

Course Requirements

It is expected that students have a passion about sport and are regularly participating in competitive sport both in and out of school.

Career Pathways

A-Level PE, BTEC Level 3

Last Year’s Performance

81% 4 - 9

Exam Board

OCR, Course Code J587



OCR Cambridge Nationals - Sports Science

Elite sport has fully embraced sport science and considers every minute detail of an athlete's training programme, rest time, environment and psychology in the pursuit of excellence.  The Cambridge Nationals in Sport Science offer learners the opportunity to study key areas of sport science including anatomy and physiology linked to fitness, health, injury and performance; the science of training and application of training principles, and psychology in sport and sports performance.


Unit Overview Marks Duration GLH  
R041:Reducing the risk of sports injuries 60 1 Hour 30 Written paper, OCR-set and marked
R042:Applying Principles of training 60 Approx. 10 hours 30 Centre assessed tasks, OCR moderated
R043:The body's response to physical training 60 Approx. 10 hours 30 Centre assessed tasks, OCR moderated
R045:Sports nutrition 60 Approx. 10 hours 30 Centre assessed tasks, OCR moderated



Key Stage 5 Courses

Duration:  From September 2017 A Level PE will be running as a 2 year course.

Board: OCR

Course Entry Qualification: Grade B or above in PE or equivalent in Science.

Course Description

A Level Physical Education  (H555)

70% Theory. 30% Practical.


Component 01, Physiological factors affecting performance, includes the following contents:

  • Applied anatomy and physiology
  • Exercise physiology
  • Biomechanics

Component 02, Psychological factors affecting performance, includes the following content:

  • Skill acquisition
  • Sports psychology

Component 03, Socio-cultural issues in physical activity and sport:

  • Sport and society
  • Contemporary issues in physical activity and sport                      


Component 04, Performance in physical education, includes the following content:

  • Performance or coaching of an activity taken from the approved lists.


  • An oral Evaluation and Analysis of Performance for Improvement (EAPI).

It is expected that ALL Students who take Physical Education at AS and A Level participate in their chosen sporting activity outside of the curriculum.  The exam board recommend for students to be attaining top practical marks they need to ‘perform at an outstanding level of competition for the activity and age group (GCE).’  With the large range of facilities at Warlingham there are many opportunities for students to develop their performance in Sport. 

It is recommended that all A Level PE students contribute their school service hours to the PE department, to help them gain knowledge and experience for their oral response.

Assessment Format


Component 01:  Physiological factors affecting performance.  External 2 hour written paper: 90 marks: 30% of total A Level.

Component 02:  Psychological factors affecting performance.  External 1 hour written paper: 60 marks: 20% of total A Level.

Component 03:  Socio-cultural issues in physical activity and sport.  External 1 hour written paper: 60 marks: 20% of total A Level.

Component 04:  Performance in physical education.  Internal practical assessment.  External practical moderation: 60 marks: 30% of total A Level.

Possible Careers and Higher Education

  • Primary School Physical Education teacher.
  • Secondary School Physical Education teacher.
  • Sports Science degree.
  • Sports Studies degree.
  • Leisure Management qualification.
  • Physiotherapist.
  • Fitness Manager.
  • Personal Trainer.
  • Sports Coaching.
  • Sports Psychologist.

Further information from:             Mrs J Alger

BTEC Level 3

BTEC Physical Education is an option to those pupils who have a particular interest in sport and may have already completed the Level 2.

Course Overview

The course is developed to reflect vocational demands of a career in the sports industry. The course covers Anatomy & Physiology, Fitness testing and programming, professional development in the sports industry and practical sports performance.

Course Assessment

33% Written exam, 33% Controlled assessment, 33% Coursework

Course Requirements

To have completed the Level 2 course to a Merit or a Distinction standard

Career Pathways

University to study Sports Science, PE Teaching, Sports Rehabilitation, Sports Nutrition, Sports Psychology, Physiotherapy, Personal Trainer.

Last Year’s Performance

100% A* - C

Exam Board

Edexcel, Course Code 601/7281/6


August 2019