Policies and School Handbook

A School Handbook is published at the start of each new academic year. It contains details such as the shape of the school day, uniform requirements, transport and lunch arrangements plus a selection of school policies that will be of particular interest to parents. Policies are available on request or can be downloaded from this website - see below. 

A copy of the 2018-19 School Handbook is available to view below.   If you require a printed copy of the School Handbook or any of the policy documents listed below, please contact the school by email or by telephone: 01883 624067.

At Warlingham School, we use personal data about our pupils to support teaching and learning, monitor pupil progress, provide appropriate pastoral care and assess how well the school is doing as whole. We are a 'data controller' in respect of this for the purposes of the General Data Protection Regulations 2018.Visit the Tandridge Learning Trust website to view the Trust's Data Protection Policy and Freedom of Information Publication Scheme.

As part of the Fair Processing Notice, should you or your child wish to access their personal data, please contact the school in writing.

Name Date File Size  
Anti-Bullying Policy 2018 11th December 2018636 KB Download
Assembly Policy 2019 8th March 2019397 KB Download
Attendance Policy 8th October 2018483 KB Download
Behaviour for Learning Policy 2018 17th September 2018702 KB Download
Careers Policy 2018 11th December 2018505 KB Download
Charging Policy 2017 30th November 2017524 KB Download
Child Protection and Safeguarding Policy... 25th September 20191 MB Download
Complaints Policy 2019 11th June 2019775 KB Download
Curriculum Policy 2019 12th July 2019500 KB Download
Drugs and Substance Misuse Policy 2017 27th January 2017305 KB Download
Educational Visits Policy 2019 8th March 2019419 KB Download
Equality Policy 2018 12th December 2018493 KB Download
Examinations Policy 19 19th March 2019739 KB Download
Exclusion Policy 2019 2nd October 2019490 KB Download
Health Safety and Welfare Policy and Arr... 15th May 2019558 KB Download
Home School Agreement 2018-19 26th February 2019506 KB Download
Homework Policy 2018 17th September 2018577 KB Download
ICT Use and Online Safety Policy 2019 12th July 2019719 KB Download
In Year Application form 2019-20 6th September 2019592 KB Download
KAP 7.1 - PSHE 18th October 2019172 KB Download
KAP 7.1 - PSHE 18th October 2019172 KB Download
Key Stage 7 Curriculum Overview 12th August 2019193 KB Download
Lettings and Community Use Policy 24th May 2016275 KB Download
Literacy Policy 2019 4th March 2019404 KB Download
Medical Policy 2019 27th September 2019674 KB Download
Mobile Phone Policy 2018 14th December 2018401 KB Download
More Able Policy 26th February 2019412 KB Download
Numeracy Policy 2017 27th January 2017412 KB Download
Pupil Premium Policy 2019 25th September 2019509 KB Download
Relationships and Sex Education Policy 2... 11th December 2018665 KB Download
Religious Education Policy 2018 16th January 2019433 KB Download
SEND Policy 8th October 2018460 KB Download
Single Equality Scheme 8th October 2018667 KB Download
Teaching Learning and Assessment Policy... 12th July 2019645 KB Download
Uniform Policy 5th July 2019624 KB Download