More Able Students

Heads of Departments work hard to ensure that students are challenged at the highest levels within the timetabled curriculum.

As a fully comprehensive school we have students with a wide range of abilities and talents. We aim to ensure that all pupils have high aspirations and are given every opportunity to fulfil their academic potential during their time here.

Our most able pupils are identified using a variety of information. In Year 7 we look at Key Stage 2 SAT results, Cognitive Ability Scores and Reading Ages. As the students develop throughout years 7-13 we also look at the student’s current grades and recent exam performance.

Teachers are aware of the prior attainment of the More Able students and as such are able to provide them with suitably challenging work and to carefully monitor their progress.  It is over simplistic to assume that this may always mean different or additional work, often additional challenge is provided by scaffolding work differently, or with outcomes being explicitly different, the key throughout though is high expectations by all.  Mr Seward Assistant Headteacher has an overall responsibility for the More Able and their progress, he is assisted by the Intervention Strategy coordinator team.

Every year we offer a wide-range of clubs and additional opportunities to all our students. These aim to extend the students learning experience and offer a suitable level challenge to students, regardless of their academic ability. However we also run a number of clubs that are especially suitable for our more able cohort, for example;  Book Club, Maths Club, Debating Club, Duke of Edinburgh Award, Philosophy Sessions, Astronomy, Coding Club, and Science Club.

Whilst additional provision is important, success comes from the day to day – a joint belief from students, teachers and parents/carers, that hard work produces successful outcomes, and that there is always more that can be achieved.  The More Able students regularly attend assemblies together, where we discuss resilience, self-belief and other qualities that More able students will need to develop.

We encourage students to participate in many visits and some residential challenges. For example, Year 7,8 & 9 Residential Trips, University visits, Theatre Trips and much more.

February 2019