Thorough revision is an important ingredient of examination success.

The skill of revising effectively is developed over a child's time in secondary school. One of the purposes of internal examinations is for students to explore different strategies to revise and hone their technique.

Revision materials supplied by departments will be placed in the Student Room online system; each student has his/her own log-in.

Year 11 After School Revision Sessions 2019 and Key Dates to Note

A key objective is to make revision impactful and to avoid a “one size fits all” approach. Each subject will run an after school session beginning on Monday 4th February on a fortnightly basis.  Our after school programme will attempt to provide a more tailored approach involving the following:










No Sessions




Opt A Subjects

Opt B Subjects

No Sessions

Option C Subjects



  • The subjects have been timetabled so that there are no clashes for students.
  • Each subject will provide 1 session per fortnight.
  • The menu will change each fortnight and details will be emailed and placed on the website so that students and parents are aware of which subjects and topics are on any given evening.
  • We have avoided Wednesday as these are used for staff meetings, staff training and parents evenings.

Each subject will be organised in the following way:

Surgery sessions – where students come with particular concerns/difficulties. They work quietly and the teacher on hand works around the room to address these issues.  This type of session is particularly useful at supporting those students that have already engaged in their own independent revision and as a result have highlighted some areas where additional help is needed.

Invitational sessions – where individual students are ‘invited’ to attend a revision session, as a result of the Head of Department / teacher identifying a need. It is very important that if a student is invited that they attend because this session will be a bespoke session addressing an identified weakness.

Topic based sessions – particular topics of work will be covered and students will be advised based on their current performance as to whether they should attend. If a student is considered strong in a particular topic they will not need to attend as normal independent revision can be done. It is likely that students who have weaknesses in a topic would attend.

Whilst we do not wish to exclude any student who wishes to attend, we do want to point out that many students are highly organised and work very successfully in an independent way and therefore based upon feedback from last year’s Year 11 cohort, find home revision slightly more purposeful than attending a revision topic in which they are already proficient. That said, any student who has a revision issue should raise this with their GCSE teacher. We are here to listen, help and support.

Key Dates to Note:  

Monday 21st January

Wednesday 6th February

Year 11 Mock Exam Results Ceremony – each student will receive an envelope containing their Mock Exam Results in each subject area.

Year 11 Parents' Subject Teachers' Evening

Week starting 11th February

Core Key Assessment Point (KAP 2) - Mock exams

Monday 18th March

Options KAP (Mocks) 2

Late March 2019


Memory and Mnemonics event – improving re-call skills for all Year 11 students, run by Elevate Education. This is timed just before the Easter break where final revision will start in earnest.

Year 11 are an excellent year group and with continued effort and the correct preparation stand every chance of performing extremely well in the summer exams.