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House System

Joining a secondary school can be a daunting time for primary school students.  Stepping in to a new school environment and having to adjust to its size and layout whilst meeting and making new friends can be a challenge.  

At Warlingham School our well-established House System, which was started in 2004, eases this transition.  It provides a sense of belonging to a smaller community of the school (300 students per House approx.) with its own unique ethos and uniform.  Siblings join the same House so as to create familiarity for younger brothers and sisters.

Warlingham School has four Houses; Chichester, Johnson, Mallory and Sharman.  Named after renowned adventurers, each House has its own Head of House, Form Tutors, support staff and House colour.  In Year 7, students are allocated to a Form within their House which is overseen by a Form Tutor.  This Tutor will remain with your child throughout their school life. Upon joining their House, students are soon involved in a variety of events and activities during which they can earn House points not only for their own benefit but for the benefit of the House.  See our 2017-18 schedule of House Competitions.

The House year culminates in a sporting finale, Sports Day, during which students compete against their competitor Houses in a variety of sporting activities.  The winning house is awarded the prestigious House Shield which takes pride of place in the Main Reception of the school.

Praise and Reward

Starting in September 2016, we launched a number of new initiatives as part of our praise and reward system. We have worked to create a system which rewards as many deserving students as possible and one which enables us to praise students for their achievements in and out of the classroom as well as their achievements outside of school.

The most significant development is the use of a praise email. We are aware that we have a number of students who excel in various fields in their extra-curricular pursuits but are certain there are more that we are not aware of. So that we can share in the successes our students enjoy in their own time we have set up a praise email address which we hope parents, carers and coaches will use to keep us informed.

These emails will go to the student's Head of House or to the 6th Form team so that they can be shared with tutor teams and students. The email addresses are easy to remember, simply the name of the House or 6th Form and ‘achieves’ at the usual school address.

Mr Cole, Head of Johnson House – Johnsonachieves@warlinghamschool.co.uk

Mrs Haynes, Head of Chichester House – Chichesterachieves@warlinghamschool.co.uk

Mr Gunn, Head of Sharman House – Sharmanachieves@warlinghamschool.co.uk

Mr Smith, Head of Mallory House – Malloryachieves@warlinghamschool.co.uk

6th Form – 6thformachieves@warlinghamschool.co.uk

Other initiatives include changing the way in which we reward students for their outstanding attendance, outstanding behaviour and also to the merit system. Students will now receive merits for their effort, improvement and five other subject specific criteria which the teachers have agreed within their departments.

If you would like any more information or have any queries, please feel free to contact your child's Head of House.