Former Students

We have recently changed the way in which we record news of former students of the school.  In the past, we compiled a booklet of information which we published at regular intervals.  We will, in future, produce a document which we can add to as soon as news comes in; we have divided this up into years making it easier to find contemporaries.  To add information to this document, please email with your name, years you attended Warlingham School and your news.

We particularly ask anyone who has graduated to let us know of your degree successes.  We will be launching an online Honours' Board which recognises former students who have gained degrees.  If you are willing to have your information published in this way, please download the Honours' Board Information Form (PDF format) on the link above, complete it, save it and email it to together with a photograph that you are happy for us to publish.  This photograph would ideally be a graduation photograph and should be as high resolution as possible.  Please email it as a separate file, together with the PDF document. 

At this stage we will hold the information until we have a suitable number to display, at which time your information would then appear on the Honours’ Board page of the website.