VotesforSchools helps give all young people a better knowledge of current affairs and gets them voting! VotesforSchools is delivered weekly during Tutor time throughout the academic year. The materials provided are accessible to all year groups across the school.

So far this year, students have participated in a number of debate topics ranging from “Do Aliens Exist?” and “Should the UK stay in the single market?” to “Do you consider Banksy’s recent stunt to be art?” There are 40 debates per year in total and every student takes part in the session with views discussed prior to students voting in a final yes/no vote.

VotesForSchools is an excellent tool which helps educate and inspire our students. Every vote by a young person is shared with decision makers at a national and international level and does make a difference. The rationale behind the scheme is to ensure that students have an opportunity to look at issues from different perspectives to their own and to take a stance based on considered opinion and discussion. It also ensures that topical events and situations, relevant to their own lives, are discussed on a regular and ongoing basis. VotesforSchools has actually been running at Warlingham since October 2017 but after a year’s pilot, we have made a decision that due to its success we will retain it moving forward.

“The resources are easy to use and beautifully organised, with incredible, eye-catching Powerpoint slides embedded with interactive media clips. It really engages the students” – Miss Haylock (Student Council Co- Ordinator)

“It gives students the opportunity to give a point of view on a subject that might not always be presented to them which could give them a greater understanding of the world around them.” - Annabel Radivojev (8W)

The School Twitter feed will keep parents/carers updated about the weekly topics.

For more information about the VoteForSchools initiative visit the website:

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