COVID-19 face shields for Key Workers

The DT Department has been using the School's equipment to make COVID-19 face shields for Key Workers to use as part of their PPE (Personal Protection Equipment).

This is an initiative that has been adopted by hundreds of DT staff in schools across the country to make up for the shortage in availability of PPE. An article about this initiative was published by The Independent newspaper can be viewed on this link:

At present, Warlingham's DT staff have made 200 face shields for care homes and doctors' surgeries in the Warlingham and Caterham areas.  They have supplied batches of 10-25 at a time to seven different care homes and three separate doctors' surgeries.  All now have plenty of stock.  However, the department has the capability and resources to make more if there is still a demand.

These face shields can be sterilised and reused have been used by thousands of NHS staff, GPs and care workers across the country.  Information about the specific face shields they are making can be found here:


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