P.E. Lockdown Challenge - Week 4

During lockdown, it is especially important to keep as fit and active as possible. This can help to look after your health and wellbeing.  To help everyone get physically active, in a fun way, the PE Department has decided to set a weekly physical challenge for students, parents / carers and staff to enjoy.

The fourth week's Lockdown Challenge is by Mr Day and is a P.E. Pentathlon Challenge! This challenge involves 5 different tasks to challenge and test your skill and health related fitness. Mr Day has added his scores for you to try and beat. You can challenge Mr Day, the P.E. Department and other family members. Good luck!

Challenge Description Mr Day's Score
1. Triple challenge This is an outdoor challenge. Using a toilet roll throw the toilet roll into the air above you. Keeping your eyes on your target, count as many claps as you can before catching the toilet roll. The task only counts if you safely catch the toilet roll. 14           
2. Star jumps Complete as many star jumps as you can in 60 seconds 96
3. Wall sits Keeping your back flat against a wall, bend your knees as if you are sitting on an imaginary chair. Once your legs are at 90 degrees begin timing how long you can stay in that position. 2 mins 7 seconds                     
4. Bottom step blast Go to the foot of your stairs. Follow this sequence  - right on step, left on step (both feet should be ON the step), right foot off step and back on the floor, left foot off step and back to the floor. This cycle would count as 1. Complete as many cycles as you can in 60 seconds. 60
5. handstand t-shirt challenge Place a t-shirt on the floor in front of you. Place your hands flat on the floor and use the wall / door behind you to walk up the wall into a handstand position. Without coming out of the handstand position try and put the t-shirt on!! Mr Day failed this 3 times!


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