P.E. Lockdown Challenge - Week 7

During lockdown, it is especially important to keep as fit and active as possible. This can help to look after your health and wellbeing.  To help everyone get physically active, in a fun way, the PE Department has decided to set a weekly physical challenge for students, parents / carers and staff to enjoy. 

The seventh week's Lockdown Challenge is by Mrs Salem.  She has devised two Headstand Challenges. 

The first is to see how long can you hold a handstand for.  At the beginning, it might be just a few seconds; as you gain in confidence and stability, you should be able to manage longer.

The second challenge is to see whether you can change the shape of your headstand.

Top-tips for doing a Headstand

  1. Make a 3-legged chair position with your head out in front and your hands level behind your head. (Like a triangle position).
  2. Have the weight of your head on the crown of your head.
  3. Have your hands flat and your fingers spread.
  4. Push with one foot slowly up in-to a crouched leg headstand.
  5. Only when you have control - extend your legs.
  6. Use a pillow or mat to protect your head.
  7.  Always be aware of health and safety.

Safety Tips

Before trying a headstand for the first time:

  • Improve your core strength
  • Practise in stages - to protect your neck.
  • If you are not steady - use a spot until you can move in or out of the headstand with control.
  • Do not move to the next stage until you can hold a headstand in  a crouched position.
  • Gain further guidance from looking at Youtube videos.
  • Do not try for the first time on your own or without a mat and spotter to support you.

Watch the video below for Mrs Salem's demontration!

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