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Our amazing Year 12 Young Enterprise team have had their Business Plan approved by the Peter Jones Foundation. They now have a limited time, until 10 June 2021, to promote and execute their business idea, competing against other Enterprise teams. Please consider supporting them. See their advertisement below.

U-MOD - Personalised Water Bottles

Perhaps, you're fed up of losing your existing bottle, as it doesn't have your name on?
Perhaps, you'd like a new one in the run up to summer?  
Perhaps, you'd like to buy a present for a friend or family member?  
Perhaps, you'd like to purchase knowing you're donating to charity?  
Or perhaps, you'd just like to treat yourself?  
Whatever your reason, purchase your bottle via WisePay today!

U-Mod Water Bottles Advert

About the U-Mod Team

We are U-Mod, a Year 12 group of students working together in our Young Enterprise enrichment activity to fulfil our task of selling a product for the Advance Award. In our lessons, we have decided to produce and sell high quality, customisable water bottles, of which you can choose what wording is to be put on it, e.g.- names or initials, etc. These ideas were created in a long process beginning at the start of the year. At the start, we came together and assigned roles as a team together (Project Manager, Researcher, etc) and from there we have made a business plan, designing business logos and delegating tasks to prepare our business to be as successful as possible.

Our water bottles are produced at a very high quality, keeping your cold drinks cold and your hot ones toasty! Alongside the good cause of purchasing from a local start-up enterprise in school, there is further incentive to purchase from us rather than other competitors. We sell our product at an ultra-competitive price of £9.99 with proceeds going to our chosen charity – WaterAid.

Our high-quality water bottles have more benefits than just keeping your drinks at the desired temperature. They are also extremely beneficial to the environment. Once purchasing a U-Mod bottle, you will never have to return to a cheap plastic bottle ever again, thus no longer polluting the environment with the wasteful plastics and labels.

If you are interested in purchasing one of our bottles and helping out a great cause, students and parents can now purchase through WisePay.

Many thanks,

The U-Mod Team

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